Joining the League

Attention: there are several A and B list characters open now! If you’d like to join Instaleague, Instagram’s original DC roleplay group, please contact one of our moderators. The moderators include the following Instagram users: the beautiful @Batgirlbabs, the incredibly super-duper, lovely, and not to mention humble @Thegirlwonder_, the intellectual @Robin_the_third_reborn, the ghostly @phantom_stranger, the brute @s_grundy32, the speedster @flash_the_third, and the fabulous @tora_ice!

Hope to hear from you and thank you for your interest,

Stepherson McBrown III

Changes in the League

If you’re active in the group, you’ll have noticed that there have been a lot of changes in Instaleague. A lot of people dislike change in life as well as in the League. Change can be scary, and change means that as people, we must adapt to new situations as well. However, change in the Instaleague doesn’t mean that the group is falling apart, nor does it mean that we are any less of a role play group than we were when we started in the early summer of 2012. Over time, the group has grown. It has gone through periods where we have had over a hundred members and several large role plays taking place all at once, and it has gone through times where only a few members post within the span of a week. Instaleague is always changing, and it will never stop changing. Regardless of the changes that take place within the group as it evolves, nothing will ever change the fact that Instaleague was the original DC Comics role play group on Instagram, and nothing will ever change the fact that we are a team.

TheGirlWonder_ and the Moderators


Attention Leaguers ~

This is a friendly reminder to all Instaleaguers and potential Leguers to take the time to read and review the Instaleague rules HERE. It is very important that everyone be on the same page regarding these rules in order to remain a part of the Instaleague and for everyone in the League to be a team that can work together effectively.

Thanks ~ The Instaleague Moderators

Happy Birthday Instaleague!

I want to give a huge thank you to @dueladent and @cheshiregrinn67 for making this video for the Instaleague’s one year anniversary which was on March 23rd.  I also want to thank every single one of our members for making this possible. Not just for me but for comic fans everywhere. I’ve been able to meet so many amazing people through this and I have never been happier. Thank you to everyone who has joined, who is currently on the league, or is one of our many supports. This really is a dream come true for me.

With all my love, Babs ;)

(P.S. I want to also give a huge thank you to the moderators, past and present, for helping me make this league into what it is today. Also being able to meet two of you face to face was such an amazing experience. I love you guys and hope to continue this friendship (because for the love of comics) for many years to come.)

Community RP: Heroes Disband 2/2/2013

Heroes Disband
By s_grundy32, wally_west_instaleague and star_sapphire

Setting the Scene: Animal Man a hero took his own life in grievance over losing
his loved one. Grundy (hero persona) tried to save him, but after several attempts
failed. Grundy was the only one that saw him kill himself fully until several members
of the JLA showed up to deal with the suicide. Hearing the news Wally West believed
that Grundy killed Animal Man and forged a suicide note. He vows vengeance and
kills Grundy who is found dead by The Green Arrow.

The RP: Wanting to find his friend’s killer Arrow begins searching for clues. When
he finds an obvious scrap of Wally’s suit, he asks Wally what happened. That is when
Wally confesses that he killed Grundy and believes he did it rightfully.
In order to resolve the conflict they take this up with the Justice League of
America, even they are split on the matter and disagree completely. Batman believes
that it was right to kill Grundy because Wally brings up the point that there was no
one around when Animal Man died. But Superman thinks that Grundy deserved the
benefit of the doubt (teams will be stated later) and eventually a fight breaks out on
the watchtower and when the heroes of earth hear about the fighting going on they
begin to take sides (based on IL storyline and official DC information). As the heroes
begin to fight each other the Secret Society of Super villains realizes that they can
take the upper hand and begin to take out the heroes that did not take sides. Such as
Voodoo and Static Shock. The villains attacking heroes particularly harms the pro-
death heroes. Many of their members (along with many anti-death team members)
are incapacitated. Final battles begin between the anti and pro death teams in
different locations (I don’t know which you can specify or not it’s up to you). All the
while this is happening Constantine determined to stop the body toll searches to
find the truth on what happened. His findings will determine who is right and
should end the fighting between the heroes

Teams Captains (Choose which of the heroes of earth you would like on your team. )

Pro-death captains:
Wonder Woman
Wally West
Roy Harper

Pro-Death team Pool:
Allen Scott
Artemis (Amazon)
Tim Drake
Jason Todd
Dick Grayson
Cassandra Cain

Stephanie Brown
Barbara Gordon
Black Fire
Flame bird
Barry Allen
Impulse (irey west)
Iris Allen
Jesse Quick
Wonder Girl

Anti-Death Captians:
The Green Arrow
Tora Ice
Supergirl (Kara Zor-El)

Anti-Death Team Pool:
Guy Gardner
Artemis Croc
Connor Hawke
Zachary Zatara
Zatanna Zatara
Beast Boy
Blue Beeltle (Ted Kord)
Braniac 5
Supergirl (Lara-El)

Phantom Stranger

Princess Amethyst
The Swamp Thing
Damian Wayne
Static Shock
Martian Manhunter
Miss Martian
Captain Marvel
All green and blue lanterns are unless stated otherwise, however you may defend
someone being attacked.

(* note I will not be naming everyone for teams, if you aren’t named it is because
I am not sure which position you would be on. You may decide for yourselves.
Everyone on IL is a great RPer and I am confident you can be responsible to choose
the side you would be on)
(**note There have been close friends/relationships placed on both sides of the
conflict. This has been done purposely to cause more conflict)
(***final note If you need to know why I need you on the team I put you on I will be
happy to tell you over kik: solomanxgrundy)

Villain Captains
Deathstroke the Terminator
Star Sapphire
The Joker
Lex Luthor

Villain Pool:
Any Secret Society of Super villains member(not open to Lex or the Joker)
Harley Quinn
Harvey Dent
General Zod.

(*note try to stay IC with the characters chosen for your team. Don’t choose a
character for your team that your character doesn’t like.)
(**For lanterns I want them working solo excepting black lanterns)
(***Sorry to Lex and Joker. You’re not members)

Community RP: Dark Magic by John Constantine -Valentines Day 2013 (Approximate Schedule)

What follows is the rewritten RP which I’ve titled black magic. It’s a two part story: the first part is a small prologue which will then lead into the larger RP.

PROLOGUE aka THE COMING STORM: Ra’s al ghul has realized that all his previous plans haven’t been successful and that he needs to step up his game. Through some investigation he and the League of Shadows become aware that Constantine is in possession of one of phantom stranger’s cursed coins (refer to Most recent Phantom Stranger comic). He and the league of shadows (instaleague_badguys) team up with Felix Faust (who is currently housed in a fairy prison in the House of Mystery due to the events of a recent mini RP). Together they steal the coin and enchant it so that the Phantom Stranger is tethered to the coin. Ra’s imprisons him at his mansion and makes a deal: if the Phantom can retrieve the Helmet of Fate for him, Ra’s will release him from his curse.
The JLD (deadman, Constantine, amethyst swamp thing, Madame xadanu, Zatanna) pick up on the increased magical activity going on at the mansion and plan an assault. During the battle that ensues princess amethyst is killed, and since she is a Lord of Order like Dr. Fate (the spirit in the Helmet of Fate), the phantom and Ra’s channel her body’s magic in order to get a hold of the helm and corrupt it. This gives Ra’s the ability to access it’s power without being under dr. Fate’s full control. The prologue ends with Ra’s submerging amethyst’s body in a Lazarus pit, and her resurfacing with a twisted mind.

MAIN RP aka DARK MAGIC: With the help of his new allies (amethyst, corrupted phantom stranger, league of shadows, and Felix Faust) and his new powers due to the helm of fate, Ra’s launches an attack on A.R.G.U.S. ‘s “Black Room” (a facility that houses most if not all of the most powerful and elusive magical weapons/artifacts on Earth…refer to new 52). Armed with these weapons this new alliance takes over the Justice League Watchtower and uses the satellite to broadcast a spell that puts all of The non magic DC heroes and Villains under their control. It is up to the remaining members of the JLD and whoever is left to fight for the universe and take back control from Ra’s and his new army.

Justice League Dark Review

Justice League Dark #6

The New 52 is a relaunch or reboot of the entire DC Comics line of superhero books that come out once a month. However there are many new stories that take place on both the DC Universe’s Earth One and Two. My personal favorite would have to be the series with a supernatural theme: Justice League Dark.

Justice League Dark is a more mythical branch of the Justice League than anything. Peter Milligan created the comic series and the first issue came out November 2011.

This team is dedicated to dealing with mystic and magic threats of any kind. Such as vampires, sorcerers, and many more.

The team was started when Madame Xanadu (a powerful sorceress) saw the future of the world’s end unless she formed a team of unlikely magic housing heroes.

The founding members of the team were Madame Xanadu, John Constantine, Zatanna Zatara, Deadman (Boston Brand), and Shade the Changing Man. They were formed to hopefully stop what fate Madame Xanadu had foretold. However the current members are Deadman, John Constantine,Zatanna, Black Orchid, Madame Xanadu, Frankenstein, and Amethyst of Gemworld.

There are three main story arcs out as of now:
In the Dark, Rise of the Vampires, and The Black Room.


In the Dark features the team for the first time and when Madame Xanadu has a look into the deadly future. She calls upon the team to stop Enchantress from destroying the world with chaos and destruction.

Rise of the Vampires includes familiar faces from the series of IVampire, such as Andrew Bennett, king of the vampires. It also features two of Gotham City’s heroes Batman and Batgirl who help the team find Andrew Bennett and fight against an evil, rampaging, vampire army. While some of the team is in battle Constantine and Deadman to find Bennett and bring him back to earth to control the army of vampires from the evil clutches of the vampire Cain.

In The Black Room the team has been broken up and John Constantine has headed back to home country of London. While in London, Constantine is visited by Steve Trevor, who is a member of A.R.G.U.S., came to him to ask for him and the “Justice League Dark” (what A.R.G.U.S referred to them as) if they could help defeat the evil sorcerer, Faust. In the process the team learns that Faust is in search of the Seven Books of Magic that, by legend, is said to be where magic came from. However Faust isn’t working alone to find the seven books.

The series sadly has a few flaws. The story arc itself starts out slowly and doesn’t pick up pace till around the 3rd or 4th issue into the storyline of In The Dark. Afterward it gets into the action and keeps you well engaged; however, for new readers it may be hard for them to find the arc interesting especially when they are unfamiliar with the character themselves.

This brings me to another flaw in the series. Although its clearly stated that its a team made up mystical beings, many people (especially new readers) most likely don’t know about these characters or there backgrounds. With that said I do not believe the series has given strong backgrounds of each of the team members. This would have been most helpful with Shade the Changing Man since it is unclear of how he obtained the jacket that gives him his powers or how his personal life was negatively was effective. There are also some bits and pieces missing from the other members that would be nice to inform the new readers about. Even though some of the pasts don’t pertain to the current story in the comic.

The thought of not knowing about the pasts of the characters of the team is a bit disheartening. Although its a bit troubling I do enjoy the fact that the series is incorporating new characters and characters from other series in the New 52 such as Amethyst from Sword of Sorcery, Andrew Bennett from IVampire, Batman from Batman, and Batgirl from Batgirl.  This brings more comic book knowledge to not only new readers but also gives people who have been reading ideas of what other comics to start reading.

Another bonus for the series would be the plot development. It can be fast paced at times, however, the plot is able to intertwine with separate problems that the individual characters face or other issues of the past are brought up again and used for the climax. Which is why the comic writing seems so complex in the beginning and may seem a bit confusing, but it in the end, the problems all add up to the main plot. This main point is definitely the key to keeping the readers entertained and always thinking.

Justice League Dark does deserve the “Dark” title because of its magic events and thrilling story that keeps your imagination running wild. I most certainly recommend this to anyone interested in anything mythical and can hold on tight for the intense ride. I can only hope that the series continues its great success and further captivates more readers.